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We're running out of water - and global warming IS NOT the major cause.

How to sound the alarm about a possible future crisis without being a Jeremiah?  Stand up and rant and rave and most people tune you out.

Future problems are something that the writers of fiction and non-fiction can address without being totally off-putting.  We all know that, so the trick for a working writer is to stay current on possible issues and weave these possibilities into your stories.  Besides, some of these potential crises offer some pretty cool possibilities.

What's interesting in this study is that global warming isn't blamed, though it certainly is playing a part.  For example, rather than having snow in the mountains of California, they're getting rain.  Snow provides water through the dry season; rain runs off into the ocean creating a water shortage despite the total precipitation level remaining constant.

A link to the full study is found in the story source.
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