Viking Fortress Found Near Kjoge, Denmark

File: Vallo Castle Ring from luften.png
Vallo Castle Ring from the air. Graphic by processed satellite photo, September 7th 2014.
Vallo Castle Ring

Vallo Borg Call or Borg ring at Lellinge is a Sealand Viking fortress, located in a field belonging to the estate of the Vallo Diocese west of Køge . Harald Bluetooth is considered be builder of other Danish ring forts and very likely also Vallø Borg Scale.  Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson (c. 920 AD - c. 986 AD) was the King of Denmark from around 958 and King of Norway for a few years around 970.

Vallo Castle Ring is circular with 145 meters in diameter, making it the third largest of the six original Danish Trelleborge . It was equipped with a 10-11 meter wide violence , surrounded by a palisade, a redoubt work of tapered wooden posts.

Vallo Castle Ring is near the old main roads from Roskilde and Ringsted met in the Køge River Valley .  During the Viking Age the Køge was a navigable fjord and one of Copenhagen 's best natural harbors  with access to Køge Bay.  The modern town of Køge is 43 kilometers or 27 miles south of Copenhagen.

To read a Copenhagen Post article on the discovery, click here: Vallo Borgring

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Story submitted by Tyler Fisher.


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