Is Nuclear Power Our Salvation? Can It Power Our World Without Adding to Global Warming?

There are many who feel that nuclear power is much more green than we have been led to believe.

Could it be that most of what we fear about nuclear power stations is wrong?  Perhaps scare tactics from the coal and oil industries?

Top environmentalists and global warming researchers such as James Lovelock have been urging the countries of the world to re-examine the risks of nuclear power when compared to the known costs of global warming and environmental degradation. 

Now film director Robert Stone has created a riveting Sundance Film Festival winning documentary explaining our options in a rapidly changing and warming world in a fascinating exploration of this question.
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Stone and his film crew take you to Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island, to waste storage facilities in France and naturally radioactive beaches in Brazil  Stone's film features Stewart Brand of the Whole Earth Catalogue and environmentalists who explain why they’ve changed their minds on this issue.  

We highly recommend you read Stewart Brand's book (left), Whole Earth Discipline, available from the world's largest non-corporate book seller - Powell's City of Books.

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  • Stephen Parsons

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    Story source:  Stephen Parsons is a highly regarded technical writer with experience in a wide range of industries, a world-traveler and a committed environmental activist.  Originally from Portland, Oregon, Steve is currently living out of a backpack adding stamps to his passport.




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