Naming Jack the Ripper: Identified by DNA After 126 Years

Photo: The Daily Mirror

After 126 years, this notorious "cold case" has been solved.
The Ripper is allegedly Polish immigrant, Aaron Kosminski
according to author Russell Edwards in his new book 

Naming Jack the Ripper to be published by Sidgwick & Jackson 
on Tuesday, September 9th.  Order your copy below.

Don't know about you, but I love all of the TV shows about cold cases being solved through the use of modern lab techniques such as DNA sequencing.  It's fascinating how the innocent have been cleared by DNA, including people wrongly convicted, and criminals have been convicted through the use of some pretty esoteric technology not available even five years ago.

Jack the Ripper murder mystery 'solved': Killer was a Polish immigrant, claims author. 
By Anthony Bond

Sep 07, 2014, The Mirror Online  The true identity of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper can now be revealed thanks to a DNA breakthrough, it has been claimed.  Author and self-confessed "armchair detective" Russell Edwards claims to have solved perhaps the most notorious whodunit ever.


Naming Jack the Ripper
by Russell Edwards available from Powell's.
Click above for details.
The analysis of the DNA that the author claims identified the real Rippler took three and one half years, despite a new electronic chip based sequencing technology developed by Andrew Hopwood and Frederic Zenhausern and announced in 2010 that shortens the process to but four hours.  Of course, we're talking about an evidence source 126 years old that had the blood of both victim and killer soaked into it.  If you're interested in pre-ordering a copy of Naming Jack the Ripper, it is available from our friends at Powell's Books, the world's largest privately owned bookstore located in Portland, Oregon.  To pre-order your own copy, click on the link to the left.  Hardback for $25.95 plus shipping.

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